Left4Dead's intro movie. The first project we've done outside of the TF world, and I'd say it turned out pretty good. I mean... come on... everyone wants to work on a zombie flick. The Orange Box

A bit behind, but I'm finally posting a link for Meet the Sniper. I think this is our first step towards really expanding the TF universe. Hope you enjoy it! The Orange Box

The latest in the "Meet The Team" series. I was happy to see this one finally ship! Lots of fun to work on. Meet The Soldier

I was responsible for "directing" this piece. Was a great experience. Meet The Soldier

I worked on a couple of smaller shots in this piece. This short is a lot of fun!

Valve's first venture in to the "Meet The Team" series. I animated the first shot. Meet The Heavy

Orange Box!!! Ships October 9th! Check it out. It's been getting great reviews. I did a bit of work on the in game taunts for TF 2. The Orange Box

My feature animation reel. Shows work from "Ice Age: The Meltdown" and "No Time for Nuts" Demo Reel

Some of my older work. Mostly college stuff... It's good for a laugh. Maybe. . .
Better Left Forgotten KAFI Challenge 2002 BGSU Demo Reel Intro Better Off 2001 BGSU Demo Reel Intro Stuart Leaves of Change

And HERE are my notes for an animation workshop I did at Bowling Green State University.